Sunday, March 11, 2007

Week8: Exercise #18 Take a look at some online productivity (word processing, spreadsheet) tools.

My exploring process of Zoho Writer is fruitful. I like this online work processing tools for several reasons.

First, Clean Interface:
Comparing the interface with Microsoft Word and Zoho Writer, the latter one obviously looks nicer. The tool bar is user friendly with pictorial icons or words. icons or written buttons, and more user friendly.

Second, Comprehensive features:
As an online word processing tool, Zoho Writer has all the necessary features such as import, export, e-mail, share and so on. I especially like its feature of History which does not only allow me to know what I had done; I can also sort the documents by name, date and time. This feature also applies when I test the blog posting. The feature of Format gives the user a quick option to start the document. Other features provide options too. For example, the feature of e-mail allows mail-in or mail-out; the feature of share allows read only or read & write options.

Third, Connect to blogs:
Zoho Writer has a wonderful feature to allow the user to post the writing to the Blog directly. I think this is a very convenient feature to many users who have their personal blogs.

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