Sunday, March 4, 2007

Week6: Exercise#13 Learn about tagging and discover (a social bookmaking site)

This week's exercise is useful. I learned a lot by exploring watching the video, reading the articles and exploring I am tired of using Yahoo to bookmark the Web sites that I frequently visited. Also I have been trying to find a better tool to organize my favorites. Now it seems I found a good bookmarking tool-

I enjoyed watching the short video tutorial since gives me an overview of the very basic functions of Ms. Kathleen Gilroy introduced several fundamental advantages of using : Find good materials on a topic, Build a shared reading list and Connect with other people. While I explored, I confirmed the feature of sharing and connecting is excellent to be used in the library. For example, if the staff in the library picks a unique tag, then people can connect with each other and sharing the information. I think it would be an efficient tool regards communicating and sharing.

The two articles gave me more understanding about The help menu from is also very thorough. I particular think the Popular tags is a good feature which helps to know how many people had saved this link. In my opinion, this is a very useful function that the librarians can use to organize the links for library’s online catalog. For example, Library Thing has 8375 subscription so I can know that this source is valuable. Therefore, I can introduce it in the library blog or online catalog.

Overall, this week’s lesson is helpful. I am sure that I will use it in the future as a bookmarking tool for both work and personal use.

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Virtual Services Team said...

We appreciate your thoughtful blog entries. Looks like you are enjoying the exercises. --Christine Holmes