Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Week6: Exercise #14 Explore Technorati and learn how tags work with blog posts

I had explored Technorati in the previous exercise and I loved it. I revisited once again in this week’s exercise. I had more understanding about it.

One new finding that I observed is Technorati really makes its search function easy to use for all levels of users. I made an experimental search with the phrase Learning 2.0. I got different number of results while I set the field into three categories: All Blogs, Blog Directory and Tags. There was no surprise that I retrieved the most results in All Blogs, which were 31,863. However, I went to advanced search and refined the phrase into the EXACT phrase. I got only 715 results. The number of results obviously dwindled drastically.

In addition, Technorati gave me options to limit my search into various suggested categories such as Libraries, Web2.0, library2.0 Librarians etc. What does it mean to me as a librarian? I think I can use this powerful feature to organize good blogs for reference purpose or even I can use it as an educational tool.

As far as Technorati’s Favorites and Popular, I do not feel very impressive. To me, it is just another site for the unofficial picks. However, I do like Technorati’s timeliness and accuracy of the links which I think is very important.

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