Friday, March 9, 2007

Week 7: Exercise #16 Learn about wikis and discover some innovative ways that libraries are using them

Wiki was once my favorite before I went to library school. Whenever I had a question, Wiki was the first place that I went for the answers. I was also quite satisfied with the answers that I got. Wiki was like a panacea and I just love the fact that it never turned me down. However, my adoration to Wiki was shattered after I took online searching class in the library school. When the instructor pointed out the criteria to judge the credibility of a web source including Authority/Credibility and Timeliness/Currency, then I found out my favorite Wiki is actually a “masked beauty”. After the class discussion and the experience sharing from the classmates, I learned that the answers that I got from Wiki might not be true all the time.

I became disappointed that the content of Wiki might have gone through several “cosmetic surgeries” by different persons. After that, I did not revisit Wiki for a long time. This week’s exercise absolutely gave me a chance to unveil Wiki and rediscovered its values.

I explored some library’s Wikis. They are all done beautifully. What I like best is its usage as a pathfinder and the special event tool. I am especially impressed by SJCPL’s Subject Guide. The layout is so simple, clean and uncluttered. The content is also well organized. ALA used Wiki to post its special event. Apparently it was a wonderful communication tool to inform many people without least efforts.

To conclude my blogging about Wiki, I want to say “Wiki, I still love you! “

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