Thursday, March 15, 2007

Week 9: Exercise #23 Summarize your thoughts

Horary! I finally finished this learning program. I need to record this historical moment- March 15, 2007 at 12:35 pm. :-) I understand that I had worked on every exercise seriously with my best efforts. The workload of completing 22 exercises is not less than taking an intensive class. I am going to reward myself with a long sleep.

The above 22 things is my knowledge now. However the exercise 23 is the important input for the administrative team to formulate future learning program. Therefore, I would sincerely present my thoughts below.

1.Appreciation: First of all, I want to express my thanks for the learning 2.0 team who answers my questions, views my blog and gives me feedback. Seeing any comment is important for us. Also I wan to thank Sandra who sends out the weekly tips which helped me start efficiently. Jenny’s visitation to our branch was also helpful to me and many colleagues.

2.More Focused: This program covers a lot of topics for us to learn. I would suggest choose several important ones and allow us to have more time to explore in depth. For example, using Wiki as a tool for creating a path finder is a good idea. Then SJPL can start a library wiki in particular subject area for us to participate.

3.Updated handout: I do not know when the handout is last updated. Some of the screen prints do not match exactly what we see. There are also some steps are not clearly stated. It is difficult to learn by ourselves if we do not have clear instruction to follow. Individual Exploration is very time consuming. For example, in the podcast exercise, we are asked to subscribe RSS to our Bloglines account. Yahoo podcasts do not have obvious big RSS sign. It is embedded under each podcast. It took me a while to find it so I can copy and past to Bloglines.

4.Mission impossible for some staff: Although we are encouraged to learn this at work hours, in reality it is a mission impossible. I asked some people, none of them seem able to do it at work. This kind of learning needs concentration and non interruption. We are so busy at work. I cannot figure out how we can do this at work, especially for some staff like pages and clerks. For this reason, I would suggest to design shorter program for them so anyone can participate.

I like the job as a librarian because I pursue a career with life-long learning opportunity. This Learning 2.0 program exactly provides me an opportunity to extend knowledge after I graduated from the library school. I will definitely participate in any of the similar programs in the future.

Thanks to Virtual Service Team-you had done a good job!


Virtual Services Team said...

Congratulations on finishing the 23 things. You did an excellent job. Thanks for posting your thoughts in regards to the program.

sjlibber said...

Hi Shu-hua,

I have been reading your blog with great interest. You have some very insightful comments on how we can use some of the new web tools to make our jobs easier and to help our customers. Let's talk about this at the branch.