Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Week6: Exercise #15 Read a few Perspectives on Web 2.0. Future of Libraries

I have gone so far toward learning Library 2.0. I would say Library 2.0 means a lot of things to me. It is more than learning the new technology. Most of all, it is a transformation of my mindset to redefine the term “library” and to reexamine the role of a “library service”.

I agree with the concept that Michael Stephens points out in his article, the library is human. In my opinion, the two fundamental requirements for a library to be human include openness and accessibility. The librarian’s attitude of adapting changes and accepting challenges decides how the library serves its community. Library 2.0 is thus a good tool to spot the popular taste and technological trends.

In addition, I concur with Dr. Wendy Schultz’s viewpoint: the library should be barrier-free and the library service must be globally accessible. To me, it means the virtual services and electronic resources are absolutely necessary for the public library to compete with many online 24/7 information stores. Library 2.0 is therefore an adequate tool to organize and to inform the diverse activities and programs that the library can plan.

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Virtual Services Team said...

Thanks for taking the time to blog your thoughts on these perspectives. Keep up the good work!