Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Week#3: Exercise 7 New technology

Technology is developing with an accelerating speed. It brings a lot of convenience to life.
The technology that I like most is the invention of digital camera. It saves me the space to store the photos, the money to develop the photos and the time to organize them.
I can view in the computer, modify the imperfect parts and delete the ones that I dislike.

The other technology that I like is cell phone which allows me to talk to friends without restriction of time and places. However, it also brings certain discomfort to life too. I know some friends who work in the field of computer engineering. Now their private life was spoiled because the cell phone call from their boss at the night from different time zone. That is a pain... I feel pity for them.

Oh well, technology can be sweet or bitter.....

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Virtual Services Team said...

We are looking forward to seeing more of your digital pictures on your blog. Keep up the good work.