Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Week#3: Exercise 6 Exploring Flickr and 3rd party sites

Exploring Flickr mashups and 3rd party sites is fun but time consuming. Now it is the fourth week of learning but I am still working on the week 3 exercise. I hope I am not behind too much. There is no wonder we need to learn the lesson of 7 & 1/2 learning habit at the very beginning. I wish I can finish to the end.

In this exercise, I found Fd's flickr toy sites is fascinating. I tried a couple of them.
I used the same 4 photos for exercise 5 and made a mosaic photo.
I am sure making a trading card is fun too. I will try that when I have more time :-).

Another 3rd party tool that I found helpful is the trip planner from Yahoo. After I entered a planned date for a specific destination, a list of hotels with star ranking showed up. There is also the information from other travelers who wrote about their traveling experiences and photos for that place. I think this is marvelous to get the comprehensive information at the same time.

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