Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Week3: Exercise 5 loading images

I had a great memory in the summer of 2006 while I attened the Spectrum leadership institute in New Orleans. It was a great honor to attend this conference and meet the Spectrum scholarship receipients from differents states. I knew a lot of wonderful scholars from diverse ethnic groups; their enthusiam in librarainship and dedication to serve the needed communities inspired me in many aspects. I finished the MLIS program in December 2006 and work as a public librarian now. I am sure the public library is an enviroment where I can contribute my skills and serve a varity of people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The following is some photos that I took in New Orleans.

Photo #1: Eillen and Me
Eileen was my roommate in the Spectrum Leadership Institute. We never met each other before but we are now buddies. She is a Chinese born in Brazil. She cannot speak a word in Madarin but is fluent in Spanish. We communicate with English and plenty of laughers.....

Photo#2: French Square and Me
There are many stores selling feathered masks in New Orleans.
Here is one photo I took in front of a mask shop.

Photo#3: We are all from San Jose
Here is a photo I took with three spectrum scholars from SJSU. We all study in the same library school but do not meet each other till the day we were in the leadership institue.

Photo#4: Volunteering at Diversity booth
This is a photo of me taken at the ALA booth while I volunteered for the dollar campaign for diversity.

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