Sunday, February 18, 2007

Week5: Exercise #11 Explore Web 2.0 awards list

This award list is a good reference resource which contains broad categories that most people would feel interested.

Over all, I think this award list has its high standard of evaluation and credibility since I observed there are some categories without any winners.

I am impressed by the categories of Classified &Business Directories and Collaborative Writing & Word Processing. I like the Craigslist for its comprehensive coverage, free services, clean layout and ease of use. This is a useful classified list that I would recommend to the library customers when they are look for housing, free stuff, jobs, sale items etc. I heard a friend who purchased an used car with reasonable price; therefore, I assume this might be a good place for car purchase too.

The Collaborative Writing and Word Processing list is a wonderful resource to know. I have been using Google for a long time but I never knew Google has this online word processing feature. I would recommend this list to the library customers who want an easy collaborative word processing tool for group projects. I explored all the three winners in this category and recommended they were excellent tools which are easy to use.

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