Sunday, February 11, 2007

Week4: Exercise #9 Locating Library Blogs and News Feeds

The week 4 of exercise is confusing. Honestly speaking, I do not enjoy much. After I stared bloglines account, I do not know how to subsribe the blogs and share the blogs. I submitted some questions for exercise #8 above and hope I get the answer of how to solve the problems.

Exercise 9 provides four search tools. I found out each has its strength and weakness.

Feedster- The layout of this site is simple and clean. It is easy to navigate. I like best the function Subscribe to this search which locates right after the search box. The position is obvious that the users won’t miss it. Also, there is less advertisement for this site.
I think this is a good choice for the users who want quality search results. This is an excellent search tool which contains a wide range of information. I like the menu bars best which gives a clear idea where to start. I especially found out the organization of all topics and forums are useful. This is a good search tool for all levels of users. It is especially helpful for the users without any searching experiences. The well constructed topics are helpful for them to start a productive search. is an open directory with free submission. There is no wonder that I found out the information is disorganized and chaotic. I do not think this is a good search tool.

Technorati- It seems to me that this search tool is most appropriate to the users who want the information about popularity. The three broad categories, Popular, Top Searches and Top Tags, display the popular interests. I would use this search tool if I want to find the news feeds and blogs that are appealing to majority of people

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